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Update on tuition increase and state appropriations

Friday, February 5th, 2010

The Board of Regents, State of Iowa, voted yesterday to increase 2011-2012 tuition at the three state universities by 6 percent. While a tuition increase is not something we take lightly, it is necessary to help maintain our focus on maintaining quality programs, progress to graduation and campus safety. Even with this increase, UNI still faces a challenging budget situation for fiscal 2011 that will become more clear as the Iowa General Assembly takes action on the state's budget.

Should the Iowa Legislature restore $30.4 million in general-education appropriations to Iowa's public universities, as included in the governor’s FY 2011 budget, the Board voted to rescind the $100 surcharge to students applied in the spring 2010 semester. This temporary surcharge was implemented to generate $5.9 million of the $60 million lost to Iowa’s public universities with the 10-percent across-the-board reduction in October 2009.

We'll know more about the realities of our fiscal 2011 budget in the coming months.