International Tutor Appreciation Week

Sunday, October 5th, 2014

UNI Family,

International Tutor Appreciation Week is Oct. 6 through 12. This is a time to recognize and show appreciation for the great work that tutors do to inspire, challenge and empower students to achieve academic success.

At UNI, there are at least 15 entities across campus where tutors, peer mentors, academic coaches, writing coaches, supplemental instruction leaders, teaching assistants and PAIRS (peer academic advisers in residence) are employed to help students succeed academically.

The Academic Learning Center, which employs 44 peer educators, certifies many of its tutors and coaches through the College Reading and Learning Association's International Tutor Training Program Certification. These student staff members complete rigorous training curricula over several semesters. Their positions demand a high level of responsibility, creativity, critical thinking, communication and empathy as they work with students from all demographics and majors, both undergraduate and graduate.

The College Reading and Learning Association effectively summarizes the reason International Tutor Appreciation Week exists:

"Many of our tutors do not get all the kudos, recognition and positive feedback from students, staff, faculty and administrators that they should for all that they do to support and help our students realize their potential and achieve their education, and their personal and professional hopes and dreams."

Thank you to all of the UNI tutors that help our students succeed!

Purple for Life!

Bill Ruud