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FY 2013 Budget Message-Setting the Course for UNI

Friday, August 3rd, 2012

Over the past three years, UNI's state appropriation decreased by more than 23 percent- from slightly more than $98 million to just under $75 million. As a result, we did our best to maintain the integrity of our educational programs while making cuts across the university. While the past three years were difficult, we remain committed to the vision of a stronger University of Northern Iowa.

During the legislative session, the Iowa General Assembly approved a 3.2 percent appropriation increase for UNI, along with an additional $4 million special request. This special request was the first of a three-year request.

We are grateful to the Iowa General Assembly, Gov. Branstad, and the citizens of Iowa, for understanding the value of public higher education in general, and specifically the unique role UNI plays in educating Iowa students and serving the state.

For more information about how these funds have been allocated for the upcoming academic year, please view "Setting the Course for UNI."

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to the University of Northern Iowa and serving the needs of our students and the state of Iowa.


Ben Allen