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FY 2007 Proposed Budget

Sunday, February 5th, 2006
UNI budget update from President Koob

Fiscal year 2007 is the second year of the Board of Regents, State of Iowa, Transformation Plan. As part of that plan, the BOR's budget request to the governor and the Iowa General Assembly was for an increase of $40 million. UNI's share of that $40-million would be $7.5 million (18.75 percent). The transformation plan also recommends holding tuition increases to approximately 4 percent ($1.5 million).

However, the governor has recommended a $20-million increase for the regents, which translates to a state-appropriation increase of only $3.75 million for UNI. This will not cover our obligations, including increased utilities and salary increases mandated by collective-bargaining agreements.

If the governor's budget is approved, UNI will need to internally reduce/reallocate $3 million -- just to meet mandatory cost increases. This means making tough decisions regarding significant changes in programs and services at UNI.

If the legislature approves less than the governor recommended, the internal reductions will be even greater. For every $1 million less than the governor recommended, UNI will have to reallocate $187,500.  

We intend to adhere to our basic values and principles of maintaining a quality learning environment for students with respect to class size, student-to-faculty ratios, and availability of classes.

We won't be able to finalize our budget plans until the legislature completes its work.  The campus will be kept informed as budget details become clear. Unfortunately, this doesn't look like a short-term problem. Decisions we make this year will have an impact over the next three to four years.