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FY 2004 Proposed Budget

Wednesday, February 26th, 2003

The Governor’s budget proposal for FY 2004 includes full funding of salaries, no increase in appropriations for UNI’s general university operations, and no new funding for future capital projects. However, this proposal is contingent upon confirmation by the legislature of the source of funds used to make these commitments. If these three budget proposals hold true, then we can allocate new tuition dollars to maintain university excellence. Uncertain at this time, is legislative funding needed to support the Governor’s budget recommendations.
If there are no cuts to the current FY 03 and future FY 04 operations budget, and if salaries for FY 04 are fully funded, the plan for allocating tuition revenue is to reduce deficits resulting from past budget cuts and restore the building repair fund which was significantly cut during FY 02 and not restored in FY 03. Tuition revenue above that needed to meet salary and other mandated cost increases would be distributed according to the strategic plan. There is little reason to expect to do more than recover from past losses.
The university is still restructuring as a result of previous years’ budget cuts, and until the legislature has completed its work, we cannot be certain that salaries will be fully funded or that the operations budget for FY 04 will not be reduced.
As of February 19, for FY 04 the legislative commitment is still in place for funding the current capital projects, which include the Innovative Teaching Center and the Steam Tunnel Distribution System. However the Governor has not recommended funding UNI’s FY 04 capital requests that include deferred maintenance of $4 million, an electrical distribution loop system for $7 million, and Phase 1A of the science buildings renovation for $5.7 million.
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