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FY 2001 Proposed Budget

Saturday, February 5th, 2000

Discussion of potential FY 2001 campus incremental budget allocation.

For the last three years, university budget proposals for the upcoming year have been published on the web. These budget proposals have been based on the published Governor’s Budget, the projected tuition collections for that fiscal year, and the input from campus-wide participation in the budget process.

This year our budget situation is different. As you know, UNI has already suffered from a deappropriation of $446,351. In addition, the Legislative Fiscal Bureau’s analysis of the FY2001 Governor’s Budget shows a shortfall of at least $8.5 million in funding the Regent’s Salary Budget (salaries for faculty and staff at UNI, SUI and ISU). Beyond that, the budget increases necessary to fund benefits for the Regents salaries are only funded at 2% against an estimated need of 10%. If these shortfalls persist through the end of the session, we will need to use the entire projected tuition collections for the next fiscal year to make up the difference.

We want you to know that full funding of salary increases from state appropriations is the highest priority of the Regents and Regent institutions. We will work hard with the legislature to find ways to close this gap. History tells us, however, that the Governor’s Budget is almost always the driver of the final allocations.

The good news is that important capital expenditures, including the McCollum Science Addition, are recommended at the full Board of Regent’s request of $16.9M. And the Masters in Social Work was recommended at the requested $300,000. However the rest of the budget recommendation is sparse. No funds were recommended for library, inflation, or undergraduate inflation. And the opening costs for new facilities were recommended at approximately one-third the total requested. This information is summarized in the table below.


FY 2001 Allocations
Budget Request



Maintaining the campus


 a. Opening PAC - Approx. 1/3rd of $140,000 needed for the second half of the operating costs
Enhancing Undergraduate Education
Post Bac. Workforce Development


 b. 2nd half of the masters in Social Work

Given the bleak outlook for additional funding, the Cabinet believes it is pointless to hold our typical discussion of potential new initiatives with the campus.

Nonetheless, the Cabinet would like to share with the campus those items of continuing obligation that would be funding priorities if we are able to make progress in closing the gap between the budget currently recommended by the Governor and the minimum coverage of current obligations.

 Student Aid Set Aside
 Student Activity Fee
 Performing Arts Center operations staffing
 Restore UNI contingency @ .6%
$ 3,000
 Employee Assistance Program (to cover expanded UNI staff)