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FY 2000 Proposed Budget

Thursday, April 15th, 1999


This is the third year for campus-wide participation in the budget process. Each year has resulted in increased advanced planning and participation in the generation of requests and proposals from across the campus for the Cabinet to consider at the beginning of its deliberations.

The allocations which have been made represent budget additions from projected new revenue. Final decisions by the General Assembly and Governor, as well as changes in enrollment, could necessitate changes in the proposal.

Not included in the allocations are additions for salary increases, since the collective bargaining agreement is still in the negotiation process. We would anticipate the settlement to be fully funded in the Governor’s salary bill. We also expect that the funding required for salary annualization of Regents merit employees step increases required in the AFSCME contract to be included in the salary bill.

Each division will be expected to target reallocations of at least two percent toward achievement of our strategic planning goals. These are to be reported to the Cabinet on March 31.

Projected Income

Principal sources of income are state appropriations and tuition. The Governor’s budget recommendations for UNI, exclusive of salary increases, provide an additional $1 million to our base budget. This compares to a request by the Regents for UNI of $3,295,817. Tuition income is projected to provide an additional $1,423,063. Of this, 19 percent ($270,000) is designated for student aid by current practice. The total new revenue projected is $2,515,063.

Proposed Expenditures

The Cabinet proposes to distribute the funds as follows in support of the strategic plan.

GOAL 1: INTELLECTUAL VITALITY: Create and maintain an intellectually demanding and stimulating environment for all members of the University community.




$300,000Teacher Education for the 21st CenturyGovernor’s Budget (Regents request was $500,000).
$300,000Master’s Degree in Social WorkGovernor’s Budget. Fully funds Regents request.
$200,000Performing Arts CenterStaffing and support to operationalize programming with the opening of the PAC January 1, 2000.
$150,000Life Cycle Equipment Fund: Academic AffairsEstablishment of an equipment life cycle matching fund in the Office of the Provost. First year's allocation with an intent to expand next year. Faculty Senate priority.
$100,000Improving Undergraduate EducationGovernor’s Budget (Regents request was for $775,000). Supports increased faculty-student interactions and quality improvements in curriculum.
$100,000Inflation on Library MaterialsGovernor’s Budget (Regents request was for $212,802).
$80,000HPELS ($60,000), Athletics ($20,000)Provides support for general education instruction in lieu of coaches having split assignments between Athletics and HPELS.


GOAL 2: COMMUNITY: Promote a sense of community within the University.




$270,000Student Aid Set-AsideThis constitutes 19% of the projected increase in tuition income, consistent with our historic allocations. Of this amount, $31,090 is for graduate scholarships.
$90,000Wellness Recreation CenterStaffing and support for WRC operations. Temporary allocations of $75,000 had been made the previous two years until the Center was fully operational and the amount needed was determined.
$35,000Diversity ProgrammingOne-time allocation, pending development of a campus plan.
$32,000Employee Assistance ProgramTo fund an RFP for a service provider to provide assistance with workplace issues that affect performance and productivity and to provide employees with access to confidential assistance with problems in such areas as substance abuse, counseling needs, etc.
$1,200P&S CouncilTo provide an operating budget for P&S Council work.


GOAL 3: RESOURCES: Effectively manage internal resources and aggressively seek external resources to support University programs and aspirations.




$145,000Administrative Systems Software and SupportFirst installment of base budget for the purchase and operation of new software for human resources, payroll, general ledger, purchasing, accounts payable, and budget.
$140,000Opening New Buildings: Performing Arts CenterGovernor’s Budget; Regents recommendation. Funds utilities, custodial service, and related supplies for the PAC for the first half year, January-June, 2000.
$95,800Inflation on Supplies and ServicesOne percent increase to be distributed strategically by each division.
$78,000Information Technology ServicesImproved internet connection speed, infrastructure, and network support (not personnel).
$60,000Building RepairGovernor’s Budget (Regents request was $250,000). Enables progress on a performance indicator of the strategic plan.
$60,000Technology Coordinator position for Educational and Student ServicesProvides technology coordination and support across the division.
$50,000Architectural Planner, Facilities Planning OfficeTo provide increased assistance to departments in planning for facility improvements.
$42,000Life Cycle Equipment Fund: Administration and FinanceTo provide for periodic replacement of large maintenance equipment, i.e. snow plows. First year's allocation with an intent to expand next year.
$25,000InsuranceTo meet cost increases.
$19,000Board of Regents SupportTo meet increased costs assessed to the institution.


GOAL 4: EXTERNAL RELATIONS: Develop appreciation and support for the values, programs, and services of the University.
$50,000Institutional PromotionSupports university-wide promotion to meet goals of the Constituency Relations Management Group Strategic Plan, especially in targeted cities.


The items funded represent priorities of the strategic plan, the performance indicators presented to the Board of Regents, and the highest priorities of divisions of the university, as well as some areas of unavoidable or nondiscretionary cost increases. The total dollars requested from all areas of the campus were several times greater than the total funds projected to be available.

The Cabinet sincerely appreciates the thoughtful deliberations by the campus community during the proposal process.

Consultation Process

As in the past, each Vice President and the Director of External Relations will provide a consultative process to seek employee and student comment on the budget proposal. Each division is asked to report back to the full cabinet by March 3. In that report, each VP/Director will be asked to identify proposed changes in the university allocation. Reallocations within each division for FY 2000 should be reported by March 31.

The web version of this document provides an e-mail response mechanism for those wishing to comment directly to the Cabinet.  Greater weight, however, will be given to those comments which flow from each division consultative process.

After consideration of all comments, the Cabinet will publish a "near-final" draft to the WEB-site on March 24. There will be a one-week period for email input to this version. The final draft, to be presented to the Board of Regents, will be published on the WEB on April 9.

FY 2001 Requests

FY2001 budget requests should also be developed during this consultative process and forwarded by March 3. Most "business as usual" needs will fall into the internal reallocation process. Requests to the Board of Regents should reflect the strategic plan, indicate measurable outcomes, and be capable of generating political support.