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UNI President’s Cabinet Purpose

The President’s Cabinet is the principle information distribution, discussion and deliberation forum for UNI.  Cabinet advises the President and the Executive Management Team and provides effective, responsive and informed leadership and recommendations to the university.  The Cabinet meets to discuss policy and operational issues affecting the university, offer recommendations and perspectives on university-wide policies and practices and serve as a sounding board for ideas and new initiatives.

UNI Cabinet Membership

Cabinet membership consists of the Executive Management Team, College Deans, presidents and chairs of employee groups and UNI's student government, and various executive directors and associate deans as appropriate based on their university position.

Cabinet Meetings

The Cabinet will meet during the academic year to discuss key university issues, updates and progress on key initiatives.

Cabinet Membership

Mark Nook: President

James Wohlpart: Provost & Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs

Melanie Abbas: Director, IT-Educational Technology and Media Services

Fred Abraham: Department Head and Professor, Economics

Ben Arnold: Director, IT-Client Services

Susan Baker: AFSCME Representative, Facilities Planning

Megan Balong: Coe College Senate Chair, College of Education

Lisa Baronio: Vice President, University Advancement

Brenda Bass: Dean of CSBS & Professor, School of Applied Human Sciences

Jennifer Becker: Director Field Instruction, Social Work

Dan Beenken: Director, Advance Iowa, Center for Business Growth and Innovation

Gwennette Berry: Asst to President & Chief Diversity Ofc, President's Office 

Mike Bobeldyk: Director, Student Life and Event Services

Robert Boody: Department Head and Professor, Educational Psychology and Foundations

Mary Braun: State Relations Officer

Gregory Bruess: Associate Dean and Associate Professor, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Matthew Bunker: Department Head and Professor, Marketing

Adam Butler: Department Head and Professor, Psychology

Jamie Butler: Director, Center for Multicultural Education

Michelle Byers: Director, Human Resource Services

Jeffery Byrd: Department Head and Professor, Art

Steve Carignan: Associate Dean, Special Programs; Executive Director, GBPAC

Mary Christ: Department Head and Associate Professor, Accounting

Nate Clapham: Assistant VP Outreach & AGP

Maureen Clayton: Associate Dean and Associate  Professor, College of Humanities, Arts, and Sciences

Nancy Cobb: Associate Provost for Faculty & Professor, Academic Affairs

Ken Connelly: Director and IT Security Officer

Mary Connerley: Department Head and Professor, Management

Andrew Conrad: Director, Institute for Decision Making

Carol Coronado: Director, Culture and Intensive English Program

Katherine Cota: Associate Director/JPEC

Belle Cowden: Director, continuing and Distance Education, Continuing Education and Special Programs

Chris Cox: Dean & Professor, Library

JD Cryer: Director and Assistant Professor, Teaching

Karen Cunningham: Director, Individual Studies

Barbara Cutter: Associate Dean and Associate Professor, Graduate College

Maxine Davis: Director, Instructional Resources and Technology Services

John DeGroote: Director GeoTREE

Christopher Denison: Director Campus Recreation

Kavita Dhanwada: Associate Provost for Academic Affairs; Dean of the Graduate College & Professor

Cindy Diehl Yang: Director, Center for Educational Transformation

Stacia Eggers: Assistant Athletic Director, Academic Services

Kamyar Enshayan: Director, Center for Energy and Environmental Education

Frank Esser: Vice President of Special Projects, University Advancement 

Susan Etsheidt: Interim Department Head and Professor, Special Education

Kelly Flege: Assistant Vice President, Office of Finance and Operations

Hunter William Flesch: President, Northern Iowa Student Government

Kyle Fogt: Associate Counsel

Kevan Forest: Director, IT-Administrative Information Systems

Bob Frederick: Director Career Services, Community College Relations

John Fritch: Dean, College of Humanities, Arts & Sciences

Jeffrey Funderburk: Associate Dean and Professor, College of Humanities, Arts and Sciences

Steve Gearhart: Assoc VP of University Advancement

Tonya L Gerbracht: Director, Business Operations

Gregory Gerjerts: Director, Strategic Marketing Services

Christina Geweke: Professional and Scientific Council Vice-President, Business Operations

Anita Gordon: Director, Research Ethics, Research and Sponsored Programs

Matthew Gordon: Information Technology Specialist

Joe Gorton: United Faculty President, Sociology, Anthropology & Criminology 

Gretchen Gould: Faculty Senate Chair, Library 

Glenn Gray: Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs; Executive Director of Residence

Leah Gutknecht: Assistant to the President

Kara Hadley-Shakya: Director, Admissions

Michael Hager: Senior Vice President for Finance and Operations

Helen Haire: Chief of Police, Director Public Safety

Jan Hanish: Interim Vice President for Student Affairs

Sarah Harms: Athletic Operations Coordinator

David Harris: Director of Athletics

Stacy Harris: Director, UNItix

Chelsea Hartman: Athletic Development Coordinator

Becky Hawbaker: United Faculty Vice-President, Teaching

Kimberly Heffernan Moss: Bored and Governmental Relations Coordinator

Dierdre Heistad: Director & Assoc Professor, Undergraduate Studies

Alan Heisterkamp: Director MVP Leadership Institute, Center of Violence Prevention  

Noreen Hermansen: Vice President for Principal Gifts, University Advisement 

Susan Hill: Director and Professor, Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

Donna Hoffman: Department Head and Associate Professor, Political Sience

Tolif Hunt: Director Research & Sponsored Programs, Research & Sponsored Programs

Amy Hunzelman: Director of Education and Special Programs, Gallagher-Bluedorn Performing Arts Center

Julie Husband: Department Head and Professor, Languages and Literature

Laura Jackson: Director and Professor, Tallgrass Prairie Center

Gaetane Jean-Marie: Dean and Professor, College of Education

Lisa Jepsen: Associate Dean and Associate Professor, College of Business Administration

Avery Johnson: NISG Vice-President

Kent Johnson: Dean & Instructor, Continuing Education & Special Programs

Wilfred Johnson: Director, Classic Upward Bound

Cynthia Juby: Department Head and Associate Professor, Social Work

Bryce Kanago: CBA College Senate Chair. College of Business Administration 

Glen Keith: Lieutenant Colonel and Department head, Military Science - ROTC

Carla Kelley: Internal Auditor, Internal Audit

Scott Ketelsen: Director, University Relations    

Tim Kidd: Professor, Physics

Paul Kinghorn: Director, Center for Business Growth and Innovation

Nate Klostermann: Director, IT-Network and Infrastructure Services

Ron Koinzan: Technical Director, Theatre

Matthew Kroeger: Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management 

Roger Kueter: Associate Dean and Professor, College of Education

Eric Lange: Department Head and Associate Professor, Theatre

Terri Lasswell: Department Head and Associate Professor, Teaching

Mary Losch: Director and Professor, Center for Social and Behavioral Research

Annette Lynch: Director and Professor, School of Applied Human Sciences

Catherine MacGillivray: Director and Professor, Women's and Gender Studies

Mickey Mack: Interim Director and Professor, Allied Health and Human Services, School of Kinesiology

David Marchesani: Interim Director, Academic Advising

Marty Mark: Chief Information Officer

Jerilyn Marshall: Interim Associate Dean, Learning and Research and Associate Professor, Library

Katherine Martin: Interim Associate Dean, Content Discovery and Associate Professor, Library

Robert Martin: Department Head and Professor, History

Tim McKenna: University Counsel

Jocelyn Moeller: Director of Finance

Jessica Moon: Director, University Honors Program

Siobahn Morgan: Department Head and Professor, Earth and Environmental Sciences

Joyce Morrow: Director, Office of Financial Aid

Kristin Moser: Director, Institutional Research & Effectiveness

Douglas Mupasiri: Department Head and Professor, Mathematics

Inez Murtha: Director, Academic Learning Center

Lauren Nelson: Department Head and Associate Professor, Communication Sciences and Disorders

Chris Neuhaus: Interim Head, Learning and Outreach, Associate Professor, Library

Linda Nielsen: Lead Auditor, Internal Audit

Mark Nook: President, Office of the President 

Sandy Nordahl: Technical Services Director/GBPAC

Hillery Oberle: Dir Corporate & Foundation Relations, University Advancement

Eric O'Brien: Director of Sustainability, Finance & Operations

Tyler O'brien: CSBS College Senate Chair, College of Social & Behavioral Sciences

Shelley O'Connell: Executive Director, Health & Recreation Services

James Olson: Director, Iowa Waste Reduction Center

Nick Pace: Department Head and Professor, Educational Leadership and Postsecondary Education

Sarah Parsons: Director Advancement Communications, University Advisement 

Phil Patton: University Registrar, Registrar's Office 

Janet Paul: Director of Dining Services, Dining Services Administration

Patrick Pease: Department Head Geography, Geography 

David Peerman: Director, Residence Facilities Administration 

Randy Pilkington: Executive Director, Business and Community Services and Federal Relations

Phil Plourde: Executive Director, International Programs

Angela Pratesi: LIB College Senate Chair, Library

Leslie Prideaux: Director, Alumni Relations

Evie Pugh: Technical Director, Performance Facilities Manager

Nicholas Rafanello: Director of Residence Life

Joseph Rayzor: Director, Risk Management

Susan Reinart: Director of Stewardship and Special Events, Development & Foundation

Lisa Reidle: Department Head and Professor, Technology

Bruce Rieks: Director, Budget System Development & Reporting

Victoria Robinson: Associate Vice President for Educator Preparation and Professor, Academic Affairs

Christina Roybal: Senior Associate Athletics Director/SWA, Athletic Administration 

David Saunders: Department Head and Professor, Biology

Justin Schemmel: Deputy Athletic Director, Internal Ops, Athletics Administration

Steve Schofield: Deputy Athletic Director for External Operations, Athletics Promotions & Marketing

Susan Schwieger: Director of Graduate Student Life, Graduate College 

Paul Shand: Department Head and Professor, Physics

Paul Siddens: Department Head and Professor, Communication Studies

Phil Simpson: Director Facilities Planning/Campus Architect

Robert Smith: Executive Director, Educational Opportunity Center/Special Community Services

Jerome Soneson: Department Head and Associate Professor, Philosophy and World Religions

Marybeth Stalp: Department ahead and Professor, Sociology, Anthropology and Criminology

Juli Strasser: Supervisor and Confidential Representative, Maucker Union Food Court

Laura Strauss: Department Head and Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Nick Sullivan: Director, Student Support Services

Darrell Taylor: Art Gallery Director

Gerard Thiel: Director, Metal Casting Center

Jamar Thompson: Director for Development, Athletics, Development & Foundation

Gina Trimble: Assistant Vice President Advancement/Treasurer Foundation, Advancement Financial Services

Jill Uhlenberg: Department Head and Associate Professor, Curriculum and Instruction

John Vallentine: Director and Professor, School of Music

Paula Van Zee: Director of Study Abroad Programs, Study Abroad Center 

Beth VanMeeteren: Director and Assistant Professor, Center for Early Developmental Education

V Eugene Wallingford: Department Head and Associate Professor, Computer Science

Michael Walter: Faculty Senate Vice-Chair, Biology

Windee Weiss: Associate Dean and Associate Professor, College of Education

Jeff Weld: Director of Iowa Math and Science Education Partnership and Associate Professor

Beth West: Associate Athletic Director, Business, Athletics Administration

Leslie Williams: Dean of Students

Leslie Wilson: Dean & Professor, College of Business Administration

Jill Wittrock: Assistant Director and Assistant Professor, Center for Social and Behavioral Research

JIm Wohlpart: Provost and Executive Vice President Academic Affairs, Provost Office 

Kristin L Woods: Director, Student Success & Retention, Student Affairs, Instructor of Educational Leadership and Postsecondary Education

Jennifer Yarrow: Assistant to the President, Presidents Office 

Michael Zwanziger: Director, Physical Plant Administrator