Budget Entries from FY 2002

FY 2004 Proposed Budget

Wednesday, February 26th, 2003

The Governor’s budget proposal for FY 2004 includes full funding of salaries, no increase in appropriations for UNI’s general university operations, and no new funding for future capital projects. However, this proposal is contingent upon confirmation by the legislature of the source of funds used to make these commitments. If these three budget proposals hold true, then we can allocate new tuition dollars to maintain university excellence. Uncertain at this time, is legislative funding needed to support the Governor’s budget recommendations.

FY 2003 Proposed Budget

Tuesday, February 5th, 2002

The Governor’s current budget proposal for FY 2003 does not include any increase in appropriations for UNI’s general university operations. At best, we can hope to receive full funding for increases to salaries and wages.

Since the Legislature has not completed its work, we cannot be certain that the costs of salary and wage increases will be fully funded, nor can we know whether or not there will be further reductions in state appropriations.